uECG is an open source, open hardware platform for research and DIY projects involving ECG measurements. It is also super lightweight - less than 10 grams including battery- so it provides reasonably clean

control band

After making our hexagon and triangle modules of EXG electrodes, we needed a way to fit these to an arm. First, we fixed them with kinesiology tape and made a simple interface to

EXG electrodes

‌ status: ongoing progress: 80% prototype: yes, MK6 type: open-source These sensors are our first project in augmentation (biotech): maker-friendly system of EXG electrodes for measuring just any electrical signals our body generates – muscle

Robotic arm prosthesis

Long term volunteer project with quite ambitious goal of creating reliable, cheap and extremely capable prosthetic hand that can be controlled via multiple surface EMG devices (ability to reliably achieve multiple degrees of