EMG sensors

Electromyography sensor – part of prosthetic hand project, we made several iterations since early 2015. Older versions had single galvanic channel, then 2-channel low-noise version was completed, currently non-contact (capacitive sensing) version is in

tool tracker

‌Did we already tell you how we liked projects with LEDs? Well, we made another one, and it's small and round. This time it's for movement and position tracker.

small NIRS device

Near-infrared spectroscopy device for measuring muscle oxygenation level. Research/semi-commercial project with main goal to make a device to research efficiency of various probe configurations and wavelengths for obtaining as much information as

ball hit tracker

Who doesn't like a project with LEDs! We certainly do! For this one, we needed to invent a solution for tracking ball hits on the net and producing visual feedback, so the players