uECG is an open source, open hardware platform for research and DIY projects involving ECG measurements.

It is also super lightweight - less than 10 grams including battery- so it provides reasonably clean readings during physical activity.‌

uECG transmits raw data to smartphones via BLE, also it can transmit data measured at higher rate (1KHz) to PC using a specialized base station, and it performs on-board analysis of data, detecting heart beats in realtime. Heart beats are sent to output pin of the uECG PCB allowing any microcontroller (like Arduino or Teensy) to read them, also uECG can control a small LED strip, producing light flashes at the moments when your heart beats.

The whole point of this project is to move ECG from something measured by complicated hardware/software to a simple device that you can just stick on, get raw data in a convenient form. and get your pulse in a form of voltage digital pulses on a dedicated pin.

Of course we also calculate some parameters of interest like BPM, SDNN, RMSSD, PNN50 and will add more - but the most important thing is that we provide source code for it and you can implement calculation of any other parameters yourself.‌

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