EXG electrodes

status: ongoing

progress: 80%

prototype: yes, MK6

type: open-source

These sensors are our first project in augmentation (biotech): maker-friendly system of EXG electrodes for measuring just any electrical signals our body generates – muscle signals (EMG), heart activity (ECG), brain electrical patterns (EEG).

Maker-friendly is the main point: we want to create something that people can actually use for any purpose with simple way to attach it to other hardware and with zero complications in getting raw data for analysis. In order to do this, we transmit all obtained data using nrf24 radio chip, which is well supported by Arduino community. Arduino code that is required to receive and transmit these data into PC fits in less than 50 lines (we actually use Arduino board to get data even during development to ensure that it won’t ever get complicated). And it goes without saying that all PCB design, module API and any code we’ll write for data analysis will be open source. Right now it’s too far from being finished to publish it, but we’ll get there.

Read more about the new electrodes here